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about us

Our Story

We are a family business run by a married couple chasing a dream. I learn Jewelry from my family and he is a specialist in technology and digital sales platforms, together we make a great team.

We love personalized and good quality things, we are a bilingual family and we
believe that each person has an unique story and lives crucial moments that make
them special, we help you tell that story through a piece of jewelry and share it with
your loved ones, that's how our name was born (hisTORIA uNICa) in Spanish.


Each of our pieces is made with a
purpose. Our mission is to give happiness
through a jewel and bring people closer
with just a glance.


You can create unique pieces choosing
every style, size, color, fonts, sides to
be engraved and more.


Our jewelry comes on a card inside
a box, then placed in a cotton filled
Torianic stamped box.

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